Terms Of Service



This rental agreement between Midwest Storage Complex, hereinafter called “Owner”, and yourself, hereinafter called “Occupant”, witnesseth that: Owner, in consideration of all conditions of this Agreement, rents to Occupant a self-storage space located on the property described as: Midwest Storage Complex, 3550 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield, OH, 45506. Said space is to be used as self-storage for Occupant’s personal or business property, pursuant to all conditions of this rental agreement, to have and to hold on a month-to-month basis, beginning on the day on which Occupant agrees to the terms of service and makes their initial payment. An automated payment will then be run, using the information provided by Occupant, on the anniversary date of each rental period as rent in advance for the use of the self-storage space. Failure to pay as agreed will result in suspension from the complex and lock out of unit(s). See #4 & 6 below for details.

  1. NON LIABILITY OF OWNER AND OBLIGATIONS OF OCCUPANT. Occupant understands that Owner is providing self storage space only and that Owner is a commercial business renting space and is not a bailee or warehouseman. No bailment or deposit of goods for safekeeping has been intended or created by this agreement. Occupant fully understands that (1) Owner is not responsible for loss or damage to Occupant’s property; (2) Owner does not provide insurance coverage for the Occupant’s stored property; (3) Occupant, at their expense, shall obtain and maintain insurance required for protection of all Occupant’s stored property, or be self insured; (4) Occupant releases Owner from all liability and claims for damages for personal injury or property damage, arising from any cause whatsoever, including, but not limited to, loss from theft, fire, water, rodent/insect damage, explosion, natural disaster, riots, acts of war, acts of omissions or negligence by Owner or Owner’s agents, or any other causes arising from the use of premises by Occupant; (5) Occupant must take steps necessary to safeguard stored personal property by renting a lock at signing of contract (see 4 e. below), keeping self-storage space(s) locked, and protecting the integrity of Occupant’s personal gate code.
  1. RENTAL PERIOD AND SUBLETTING. The anniversary date created by this agreement shall be a permanent anniversary date for the expiration of each rental period during the life of this agreement. The rental period is automatically renewed for the same term as stated on the front of this agreement upon receipt of rent from Occupant to Owner. All terms and conditions contained in this agreement shall continue to force as long as Occupant retains possession of said self-storage space. Subletting or assigning unit(s) whole, or in part, is prohibited.
    1. CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER. Occupant must send Owner their new address and phone number, in writing, on form provided, within 10 days of change. Any charge from Postal Service for address change will be charged to tenant.
  1. FEES. In the event Occupant intends to continue renting the same self-storage space from Owner under all the same conditions, Occupant agrees to make full payment in advance for the next rental period on or before the designated anniversary date.
    • In the event Occupant should fail to pay the rent in full by the 5th day following the anniversary date, a late charge fee of $10.00 will be charged. This fee will be charged each time that the Occupant’s full payment is 5 days late. Owner will over-lock Occupant’s unit(s) and Occupant will automatically be suspended from complex until all amounts due are paid in full. If rent (plus any other amounts due) are not paid in full by the 10th day following the anniversary date, an additional over-lock fee of $10.00 will be charged. There is a nine (10) day check clearance period for payment by check on suspended units.
    • Appointments will not be made for payment of rent on unit. All payments must be made either by mail or drop box (located beside office). Owner will not, under any circumstances, meet tenant for payment on suspended units, to have their unit(s) unlocked on that same day. In the event Occupant is suspended from complex payment must be mailed to address on front of contract. When payment is received and posted (taking into consideration the 10 day check clearance period) then, and only then, will Occupant’s unit(s) be unlocked and suspension be removed.
    • Lien fees will be charged to Occupant for the costs of disposing of Occupant’s personal property per Paragraph 6 below. Fees charged will include expenses for labor, costs of sale, disposition fees, publication fees, costs of mailings, court costs, reasonable attorney fees, trash disposal costs, and ay other costs necessary for the preservation and sale of the personal property.
    • Occupant will pay the Owner (by cash or money order only) a Returned Check Fee of $25.00 for each bad check written.
    • A lock-cutting fee of $25.00 will be charged if Occupant requests lock to be cut. Same day service (if lock smith is available) a fee of $50.00 will be charged. This is to be paid the same day of service in the form of cash or money order.
    • A $30.00 cleaning fee will be charged for units left oily, dirty, unswept, or for items that are left after Occupant vacates.
  1. OWNER’S LIEN. Occupant’s personal property in or on the premises will be subject to a claim of lien in favor of Owner. If rent or other charges due by occupant under this agreement are delinquent 25 days after the due date, the Occupant will then be “in default” of this Rental Agreement at which time the property that Occupant has stored in or on the premises may be sold at auction or sale, destroyed, or otherwise disposed of by Owner in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 5322 of the Ohio Revised Code. By signing this contract, Occupant acknowledges that he has read and understands this paragraph.
  1. UNLAWFUL STORAGE AND USES. Occupant is unconditionally prohibited from storing perishable goods, goods with noxious odors, contraband, hazardous waste, and all explosive materials, combustible materials, flammable liquids, or any other goods that would be prohibited by law. By Oho law, Occupant shall not use premises for unlawful purposes, or for residential purposes.
  1. RULES FOR VEHICLES AND BOATS. Servicing, repairing, or renovating vehicles or boats is prohibited without management permission. Running a vehicle’s motor while inside a unit (except when entering or departing) is prohibited. A protective barrier must (at all times) be kept under vehicles stored inside to protect the floor from any leaking fluids.
  1. ALTERATIONS AND CONDITION OF PREMISES UPON VACATE. Occupant shall not damage or make any alterations of any kind to the unit(s). Prior to termination of this contract, Occupant shall remove all personal property and shall leave unit(s) completely vacant, in a neat and clean condition and in the same condition as rented (see 3 F. above).
  1. RIGHT TO ENTER, INSPECT, AND REPAIR. Occupant grants Owner, or the representative of any government authority (including police and fire officials), full access to the premises upon two days notice to Occupant. In the event Occupant does not grant access, in an emergency, or upon default of an of Occupant’s obligations under this agreement, the above shall have the right to remove Occupant’s lock and enter the unit(s) for the purpose of examining the unit or the contents thereof, or for the making of repairs or alterations and taking such action as may for the purpose of examining the unit or the contents thereof, or for the making of repairs or alterations and taking such action as may be necessary or appropriate to preserve the premises, or to comply with applicable law, or to enforce Owner’s rights.

10.NO WARRANTIES. Occupant has examined and found the premises to be satisfactory for all purposes for which Occupant shall use the premises, including the safety and security thereof. Owner hereby disclaims any warranties whatsoever, including any implied or expressed warranties, guarantees, or representations regarding the nature, condition, safety or security of the premises.

11.SUCCESSION AND TERMINATION. This rental agreement and all covenants contained herein, shall extend to and be binding upon both Owner and Occupant, their heirs, executor administrators, and assigns. This Rental Agreement may be terminated by Occupant on or before the end of any rental period, or by Owner upon abandonment or default by Occupant.